Gain the Right Way for SQL Restore Process Out Rightly Here!

If you want to repair SQL MDF file data like indexes, triggers, views, stored procedures, tables, etc, then get our SQL Recovery software. Our SQL Restore tool uses simple way to perform SQL server database restore process, but if somehow, you have faced issue, then just follow the steps mentioned below:


Step1 — The very first step is to go to Start Menu » Programs » SQL Recovery software.

Step2 — After this, press ‘Open’ to browse MDF (Master Database File) file

Step3 — Select entire corrupted MDF files and then press ‘Open’ button

Step4 — You can accomplish your wish of selecting SQL Version for MDF file

Step5 — You can select NDF Options to Add Secondary files

Step6 — Now Select the Corrupted NDF files and click on OK Button

Open .ndf	 File

Step7 — You will gain automatic scanning of MDF files in SQL

Step8 — It is up to you if you want to save MDF file in.str file. If you have desire to save MDF data, then press on ‘Yes’ or elsewhere choose ‘No’.

Step9 — Fulfill your wish to save scanned data in STR; This, select the desired location to save.str file

Step10 — Software also give you preview of recovered MDF file such as views, stored procedures, tables, queries and other data

Step11 — You will avail display of MDF components, then get chance to export recovered MDF and SQL scripts

Step12 — Select the saving option from the two available options: SQL Server database and SQL Server compatible scripts

You need to provide some details like if you choose Windows Server Authentication, make sure to enter Server Name. On the contrary if you choose, SQL Server Authentication then gives user name and password

Step13 — Click on "Export/Save" button after providing these details

Step14 — Choose a folder for saving the SQL Files

Step15 — Lastly, export your entire SQL script. Once software ends up with process to restore SQL database, software will prompt a message about the completion of SQL server database restore process.

Note: Following all the steps above, users will definitely gain the apt way to perform SQL server database restore process.